Passive WDM networks: simple & affordable

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The perfect solution for network providers who build and maintain networks for their own services.

What distinguishes passive WDM?

In a passive WDM system – also known as passive optical or embedded WDM – optical Mux and Demux components are used that operate without power or the use of software.
The advantages are:

  • Cost-efficient hardware
  • Reliable in operation
  • Simple to build, simple to operate, simple to maintain
  • Few sources of error and therefore a maximized MTBF (mean time between failures)

Passive components excel:

  • Short distances
  • Point-to-point network topology
  • When encryption is not required
SFP von Smartoptics SO-SFP-16GFC-ER

What are DWDM third party products?

In passive WDM systems, the WDM technology is outsourced to the end devices. Smartoptics offers an extensive range of pluggable optics:

Coded SFPs of all Ethernet speeds from all well-known switch manufacturers.

For the manufacturers Cisco and Brocade we sell certified SFPs for use in Storage Area Networks (SAN).

Our offer

Besides the passive DWDM components we also offer:

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