Mobile Routers & Gateways: Robust jack-of-all-trades

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Hardware in use for highly available and wireless data transport over long distances.

Wireless data transport for industrial LTE applications

Long before the Internet of Things (IoT) boom, there was an industrial need for hardware for wireless data transmission: for example, to connect a meteo measuring station to the network at a remote location or to connect a moving train to a network. Both use cases as well as many others benefit from the publicly accessible mobile phone network. The hardware for it: Mobile routers & gateways, also called cellular routers & gateways.




Large transport capacity



High availability and redundancy



For solar and battery operation, with sleep mode



Made for the outdoors. From -40 °C to +75 °C

Mobile Routers und Gateways

When to use Mobile Routers & Gateways?

  • cover long distances
  • transport large amounts of data with high availability
  • connect highly challenging or remote locations
  • use the publicly available mobile phone network
  • build redundant routing for critical infrastructures (dual SIM)
Mobile Router und Gateways im Einsatz

Robust and durable hardware

Mobile Routers & Gateways excel in “rough environments”; in rough terrain or at positions that are difficult to reach, such as a 6-lane highway. They are robust, long-lasting devices that make do with alternative power supplies such as solar panels or batteries. Intelligent functions, such as sleep mode combined with lightning-fast start-up save power and ensure long-term operation.

Rinaldo Zanella

Co-Founder and CEO Which industrial mobile routers & gateways may we demonstrate to you?

Robust hardware + simple management = low TCO

It is not only the longevity of the hardware that pays for a low TCO of your network. The simplicity of deployment and device management are also central to cost-effective management. These points are what make the devices stand out:

  • Open development platform for the development of applications
  • Extensive functions for remote management over an IP network