Fiberstream implements FTTH network with Trigon

Fiberstream 87 AG supplies over 2500 households with attractive triple play offers. Its own fiber optic network even beats the service of traditional providers by lengths – or bandwidths. This is a strong signal for the region, which we at Trigon can contribute to with an attractive all-in-one solution, which is now being used by a total of 8 utility companies.

The all-in-one solution

Fiberstream builds and maintains an FTTH network for private households and companies. Together with Trigon, the building of the network for providing the signal was launched. In another project, the network was connected using WDM technology to increase the transmission power and capacity of the fiber.

Highlights of the solution

The Help Desk tool allows Fiberstream to make an easy initial diagnosis. Is the network or the service not available? Is the fault on the customer CPE, the Access or the Core? Or is an entire service missing – for example the TV signal?

The Fiberstream network is built point-to-point. Each area of the network can be upgraded, if an older generation is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Then this area is isolated while the new one is built.

Trigon AG
This way we can keep the equipment for a long time, which is very sustainable.
René Mächler, This way we can keep the equipment for a long time, which is very sustainable.

How it came about.

The story behind the cooperation between Fiberstream and Trigon

Fiberstream was created out of necessity. 10 years ago, Bluewin TV (today Swisscom TV) was born. At that time the beautiful region around Lachen did not have the bandwidth to use this new service. The municipality wanted to find larger providers like Swisscom or UPC, but it was too small and therefore not attractive enough from a business point of view for the big players. Out of necessity, the electricity companies decided to become active themselves and build something. The basic idea was to build an Open Access network that is very easy to administer and gives access to various ISP Internet Service Providers. With Trigon, EW Lachen found the right partner to build such a network – Fiberstream 87 was born.

“The special thing about the solutions that Trigon offers in cooperation with Genexis is the digital TV connection on the modem. This is a unique on the Swiss market. The advantage is that we can use a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) from one supplier, which bundles all signals as a multifunctional device. If one of devices has a defect, we see this immediately because everything is clearly displayed in the solution offered by Trigon. In addition, the solution is easy to use for administration. In the provisioning tool of PacketFront software you can see immediately whether the CPE is connected, the subscription is activated etc. The solution is very user-friendly and not too technical from an administration point of view. This helps us as a small company to react quickly and flexibly and to offer good support”, says René Mächler, Managing Director of Fiberstream 87 AG.

Interview with René Mächler

Products in use at Fiberstream


  • Active WDM from Infinera
  • Passives WDM from Smartoptics


  • Genexis CPE
  • Waystream Access
  • Ruckus Core


  • BECS/BBE of PacketFront Software
  • Management of Waystream and Genexis devices